Realistic hand carved and hand painted birds

Ira Frost Birdcarvings

To own a realistic bird carving by Ira Frost is to have an original, one-of-a-kind sculpture. Even though he may carve the same species of bird, each sculpture has its own personality.

Ira's wood carvings start from an original hand drawing of a bird which captures its true essence. He then transfers the design onto tupelo wood. Then he uses tools which enable him to carve with extremely fine detail. It is this detail that contributes to the realism of his pieces. To further enhance the realism of his birds he wood burns feather texture onto the birds. He then uses superb painting skills to capture the bird's true coloring with acrylic paint. Finally, the bird is mounted on a unique piece of driftwood in a setting indicative to where it might be seen in the wild. The setting is made with beautifully hand-crafted leaves, grasses, flowers, and even insects crafted from a variety of materials such as wood or brass.

Ira Frost carves all species of birds in any size, from life-sized to miniature. You may find a carving you like from the ones he has already created or you may place an order from your specifications. He can design a unique piece for your home or as a special gift.